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♡ Toys ♡

Every toy that’s possible to get with an Attachment Hole, has one, so I can use them with Suction Cups, on Strap-Ons or on my Fucking Machine.

Hankey's ToysGoliathXXL40% Soft
Puffy ToysDreamboiOne SizesoftPink / WhiteMaybe medium is better
Hankey's ToysXXXCaliburMED/LG75% soft
40% would be better
2-Tone: White inside + Bubblegum pink outside
Hankey's ToysLatin LoverLG/XL40% soft
Light pink
Puffy ToysRaupiOne Sizeboth softPistaccio and Golden
Puffy ToysMechthildOne Sizesoft and mediumDreamy Aquamarine
Bad DragonChance UnflaredMsoft
medium at base
Custom RGB colours
Hankey's ToysButt BoltXXL40% soft
Puffy ToysTinaOne SizehardredI think medium would be better
Hankey's ToysGut PuncherXL40% soft
Bad DragonIkaXLsoftCustom RGB colours
Hankey's ToysBeowulfMediumPacker softMarbled: red and wine red (Top to Knot), light grey (Bottom)even grabbing this softie turns me on
Hankey's ToysSnorkelOne Size40% softNatural Tan
Puffy ToysHüterinXXLsoftredFKING BIG!!!!
Puffy ToysHüterinLhardSkin color
Hankey's ToysKalibMED/LG40% soft
Bubblegum Pink
Hankey's ToysKthulhuLargePacker soft
I love it!
Marbled: purple black whitePacker soft is a bit brittle, better go for 40% soft
Hankey's ToysNick CapraXXXL40% softLight pink
Hankey's ToysSigmaloidmedium/largePacker soft
perfect for sliding in all the way
Neon GreenPacker soft is a bit brittle, better go for 40% soft
Puffy ToysLeviathanOne SizesoftWhite and Red
soft is perfect for going deep!!
Hankey's ToysThree AmigosXL40% softNatural Tan
Hankey's ToysSeahorseXXXL40% softSea colors (blue, teal, white)
GynamedSakurai SpeculumXOSteelOne ColourSO HOT
Hankey's ToysOniXXL75% soft
40% would be better
Marble colors: Bubblegum Pink and White
Puffy ToysMattOne SizesoftBrownNice to get started
MEOAnal Stretching RingLAluminumBlack
Puffy ToysDöschenOne Sizemediumlight pink
Puffy ToysQuolloOne Sizemediumlight pink
Hankey's ToysAlien BreederSmall40% soft2-Tone: black outside, white inside
LovenseDomi 2One SizeOne FirmnessBlackVibration is amazing but breaks often
HISMITHPremium Fucking MachineOne SizeNot ApplicablePurpleNice but App crashes frequently and too unstable for bigger toys

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