XVideos forbids me to Link My Social Media

I got messaged by XVideos, that I have to re-upload all my clips with a daisydeep.com link in them, or remove all Social Media and Fansly, Justfor.Fans Links from my Website.

If I wouldn’t do this, my videos would be demonetised and I wouldn’t get any ad-share any longer, even though they put ads on my videos. Hence, all these links have been deleted from this site.

Imagine, YouTube would demonetise all their creators who link to twitch.tv – crazy, isn’t it?!

You can still find all my videos on the same old platforms of course. I’m not allowed to link them here.

What XVideos is enforcing here, is simply ridiculous, just like their Onlyfans alternative sheer.com which has the worst terms I’ve ever read. If I wouldn’t have the same amount of clips, pictures with the same or better price than on other platforms, they reserve the right to limit the payout to 20%:

The rule itself makes me distrust the whole XVideos network A LOT. What in the world do they think they are? Why on earth do they consider our work is only worth 20% of its value?!

Not enough. That they don’t allow watermarked links means that I have to re-encode all my clips and remove the daisydeep.com link at the bottom left, so I would not have this 20% rule applied. This is about 20 hours of work. Not to mention 20 hours of uploading all of these clips one by one, because neither sheer.com nor xvideos.com support posts with multiple videos.


Update 14th June 2022: I put back my Fansly, JFF, Onlyfans links.

If XVideos wants to demonetise me for it, they shall rather delete the few videos I have on there that have a daisydeep.com link. or I will delete them if they prefer that.

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