Is X-Lube safe?

I know, I know, J-Lube and X-Lube are widespread within the fetishes I’m producing porn in. However:

J-Lube has lots of sugar in it, so not suitable for people with diabetes or people with pussies. I had nasty yeast infections every time I used J-Lube (even if only used anally, it just goes everywhere). Plus it stayed forever in my bottle, annoying to clean off, moulds easily because of the sugar etc. All in all a gross experience lol. J-Lube is not purified and is absolutely not suitable for human use! (Source: their customer service) Use for special effects or so only.

X-Lube is a sugar-free alternative. However I’m concerned about possible cancerous effects of contaminants that are usually found in its only component Polyethylene Oxide (PEO). It probably has a molar mass of 2 to 4 million, just like J-Lube. I have searched the web for this chemical, however they are either ridiculously expensive or from China/Alibaba without purification. I also contacted the manufacturer about this topic, but still have not received an answer. As of now, I would assume that PEO and thus X-Lube as well as J-Lube is usually contaminated with 1,4-dioxane.

I’ll end this with this quote:

“Even though responsible manufacturers do make efforts to remove these impurities (1,4-dioxane that can be removed from cosmetics through vacuum stripping during processing without an unreasonable increase in raw material cost), the cosmetic and personal care product industry has shown little interest in doing so. Surprisingly, PEG compounds are also used by natural cosmetics companies.”

Safe alternatives

I personally use Hydroxyethyl cellulose. It’s used in almost all lubes and if you have the powder yourself, you can adjust the thickness, mix it with Propylene glycole/glycerine or white colours (and without stinging weird preservatives) 🙂

Another alternative is HPMC (Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose). You can get this one usually quite cheap in food quality, because it’s used as a food additive and for medicine a lot. However, I didn’t like this because it left white gunk everywhere when it dried.

A last alternative I know of is CMC (Carboxymethyl cellulose). I heard it’s super cheap in some countries and used for porn shootings where they need a lot of fake cum, but supposedly smells like paste/glue and haven’t tried it personally.

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