Is X-Lube safe?

I know, I know, J-Lube and X-Lube are widespread within the fetishes I’m producing porn in. However:

J-Lube has lots of sugar in it, so not suitable for people with diabetes or people with pussies. I had nasty yeast infections every time I used J-Lube (even if only used anally, it just goes everywhere). Plus it stayed forever in my bottle, annoying to clean off, moulds easily because of the sugar etc. All in all a gross experience lol. J-Lube is not purified and is absolutely not suitable for human use! (Source: their customer service) Use for special effects or so only.

X-Lube is a sugar-free alternative. However I’m concerned about possible cancerous effects of contaminants that are usually found in its only component Polyethylene Oxide (PEO). It probably has a molar mass of 2 to 4 million, just like J-Lube. I have searched the web for this chemical, however they are either ridiculously expensive or from China/Alibaba without purification. I also contacted the manufacturer about this topic, but still have not received an answer. As of now, I would assume that PEO and thus X-Lube as well as J-Lube is usually contaminated with 1,4-dioxane.

I’ll end this with this quote:

“Even though responsible manufacturers do make efforts to remove these impurities (1,4-dioxane that can be removed from cosmetics through vacuum stripping during processing without an unreasonable increase in raw material cost), the cosmetic and personal care product industry has shown little interest in doing so. Surprisingly, PEG compounds are also used by natural cosmetics companies.”

Safe alternatives

I personally use Hydroxyethyl cellulose. It’s used in almost all lubes and if you have the powder yourself, you can adjust the thickness, mix it with Propylene glycole/glycerine or white colours (and without stinging weird preservatives) 🙂

Another alternative is HPMC (Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose). You can get this one usually quite cheap in food quality, because it’s used as a food additive and for medicine a lot. However, I didn’t like this because it left white gunk everywhere when it dried.

A last alternative I know of is CMC (Carboxymethyl cellulose). I heard it’s super cheap in some countries and used for porn shootings where they need a lot of fake cum, but supposedly smells like paste/glue and haven’t tried it personally.

XVideos forbids me to Link My Social Media

I got messaged by XVideos, that I have to re-upload all my clips with a link in them, or remove all Social Media and Fansly, Justfor.Fans Links from my Website.

If I wouldn’t do this, my videos would be demonetised and I wouldn’t get any ad-share any longer, even though they put ads on my videos. Hence, all these links have been deleted from this site.

Imagine, YouTube would demonetise all their creators who link to – crazy, isn’t it?!

You can still find all my videos on the same old platforms of course. I’m not allowed to link them here.

What XVideos is enforcing here, is simply ridiculous, just like their Onlyfans alternative which has the worst terms I’ve ever read. If I wouldn’t have the same amount of clips, pictures with the same or better price than on other platforms, they reserve the right to limit the payout to 20%:

The rule itself makes me distrust the whole XVideos network A LOT. What in the world do they think they are? Why on earth do they consider our work is only worth 20% of its value?!

Not enough. That they don’t allow watermarked links means that I have to re-encode all my clips and remove the link at the bottom left, so I would not have this 20% rule applied. This is about 20 hours of work. Not to mention 20 hours of uploading all of these clips one by one, because neither nor support posts with multiple videos.


Update 14th June 2022: I put back my Fansly, JFF, Onlyfans links.

If XVideos wants to demonetise me for it, they shall rather delete the few videos I have on there that have a link. or I will delete them if they prefer that.

How to make Lube Yourself

Finally I make this blog post. I wanted to do this for a long time *o*.

I started making my own lube, because for some reason most of the lubes I can get anywhere stings. I have no idea if I’m allergic or hypersensitive to some preservatives or too much glycerine or so, however it’s simply irritating and feels bad.

Whatsoever, the same lube usually doesn’t sting when I use it in my pussy. That’s why I already made the assumption that this might be the reason why people say “anal sex hurts so much!!”. Maybe I’m wrong though and I simply have an allergy to a preservative or sth.

Whatever, here’s the guide to make your own lube:



You’ll need

  • Hydroxyethyl Cellulose aka Natrosol 250HX
  • Drinkable Still Water or Distilled Water (will last longer with distilled)
  • Glycerine or Propylene Glycol (optional)
  • Baby powder / talcum or Titanium Dioxide for colouring it cum-like white (optional and might be carcinogenic if inhaled, so be careful while handling)

As well as a simple sports bottle. I’m using this Nike bottle in clear/pink rise. Sadly the cute pink one is sold out on eBay, so here’s a similar one on

Mix IT!!

You either need Hot/Warm Water or Glycerine/Propylene Glycole to dissolve polymers with a high molar mass like Hydroxyethyl Cellulose. Here’s the guide with Hot water:

  1. Put hot/warm water in the bottle
  2. add the hydroxyethyl cellulose powder, about 5g-10g per 200ml water, depends on your preference. The more you use, the thicker it’ll get hehe
  3. add cum-like white powder (optional)
  4. shake
  5. Let stand for 5-10 minutes. Wait until it cooled down before use
  6. Store in fridge if not used. Will last maximum a week there.

Here it is with glycerine / propylene glycol:

  1. Put either glycerine or propylene glycol in the bottle (or both, try around what you prefer), about 20-30g
  2. add the hydroxyethyl cellulose powder, about 5g-10g if you plan to use 200ml water, depends on your preference. The more you use, the thicker it’ll get hehe
  3. Stir by simply rotating the bottle until the powder dissolved in the glycerine/pg
  4. add distilled water. If not available use still water (warm or cold)
  5. add cum-like white powder (optional)
  6. shake
  7. Let stand for 5-10 minutes. Wait until it cooled down before use
  8. Store in fridge if not used. Will last max. one week with normal water.
  9. With last about a week with distilled water in the frdige.
  10. With propylene glycol it might even last up to a month or longer if stored in the fridge.

If you see weird things floating around or if the smell has changed, throw it out.

what about J-lube / x-lube?

See this post

How to take down your stolen content in 5 min

For all Sex Workers following me, I decided to create a post regarding Copyright infringements. Sadly, this is a common thing in porn biz. The first purchase on a clip website is usually a person who’s gonna steal the clip, upload it to filehoster and spread the link on shady websites with 5 pop-up ads opening before anybody can access these links in the first place.

I put a lot of money, effort and energy in producing porn. Cameras, Sex Toys, Computer, Software, Hosting, all of it costs money. And not just a bit. I paid 700€ for my camera, 200€ for Editing Software and another 700€ for my fucking machine. And how much f****ing time do I spend with editing my clips, uploading them to porn websites and new platforms again because banks still discriminate sex work in 2022. And yes, I thought about stopping all of porn because of this.

I am tired of black hats making money from stealing other people’s hard work.

Whatever, ranted enough. Here’s a tutorial on how to take your stolen content down. It might look a bit long in the beginning, however once you know how it goes, it’s about 2 minutes per website:

find pirated clips / recordings

This is rather easy. Just go to Google, Bing or DuckDuckGo (or all of these three) and search for your stage name and siterip, recording or similar. For example:

  • daisygoesdeep siterip
  • daisydeep porn
  • daisygoesdeep livestreams
  • daisygoesdeep recordings

The results should look sth like this:

get the source links

This is a bit nerdy, but not too difficult. Install JDownloader. It’s a software mostly used for downloading pirated content, however we can use its link-grabbing features for our own purpose to fetch all the links, so we can take them down. Don’t worry, the software itself is legal.

Change one setting in JDownloader: remove all tick boxes despite Data in the User Interface Settings:

This will output the actual hoster links instead of referrer, source or container links. We need the Data links for a Copyright Claim. Black Hats try to hide them behind referrers or in containers. However, with this setting we reach their sensitive spot 😉

Now, go to one of the pirate websites and copy the link in the address bar (for example ) JDownloader should automatically grab all links. If not, click on “Add New Links” in the LinkGrabber:

In the pop-up, paste the link and click on Continue

Now it should look similar to this:

What we’re looking for are files bigger than 3 MiB usually, especially photos and videos. Just sort by size, select all the big size files (hold down shift) and with a right click -> Properties -> Show Download URLs we get all the source links

In the new small pop-up, select all links with Control + A (on Macs: ⌘ + A), again do a right click and click “Copy URLs”

They are now copied to your clipboard. Done.

Sending an abuse complaint

This is rather quick. Most hosters take Copyright claims seriously and take the content down within 24 hours. Find the abuse mail address of the hoster somewhere in their footer links. Some of them are:


Now simply write a mail to them and paste all the links with ctrl + V (on Macs ⌘ + V). You can use this example text:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I own all rights on the images and footage listed below. Take it down within 24 hours or I’ll take further actions if needed.

Link to copyrighted content:

– Your Stage Name

Always include a link to the copyrighted content. This speeds up the process.

Until now, I never had to contact a lawyer and had taken down all content within maximum a week. In most cases, I get a reply within an hour that looks like this:

Some hosters might want you to confirm your identity (bullsh*t!). DO NOT EVER SEND THEM YOUR PASSPORT, LEGAL NAME OR ANY OTHER PRIVATE DATA!

If this does not work, use Cloudflare’s Copyright Report function. Most illegal content is protected using Cloudflare’s Content Distribution Network and using their function you will get the name of the hoster and their abuse mail address. DO NOT USE YOUR REAL NAME OR ADDRESS ON CLOUDFLARE BECAUSE IT GETS SHARED WITH THE FRAUDSTERS. ONLY USE YOUR STAGE NAME, PORN MAIL ADDRESS AND A FAKE POSTAL ADDRESS

Using Cloudflare’s Report function I actually made some interesting findings:

Webzilla –
tezfiles com
k2s cc (Keep2Share)

Alexhost –
recurbate com
rapidcloud cc
fastfile cc

IP Volume –
camhoes tv
cambro tv

Melbicom via CryptoServers org –
rec-tube com

Zomro B.V. –
trydildo net
analonly org
fistinghd net
amateurfetishist com

Scalaxy B.V. –
evilfist com

As you can see, it’s only a few webhosters that host our stolen content. Most of them are by the way based in the Netherlands and not in countries that are tough to reach like China or Russia. If we keep sending copyright claims to Cloudflare and these hosters, we might even achieve that some websites will get taken down completely or their networks getting banned from the cloudflare network which is typically the end for such websites. I have also threatened Cloudflare with further legal steps and lawsuits if they continue to protect such illegally hosted content.

some last words

Doing this might seem like a lot of unnecessary effort. Loyal fans wouldn’t use these websites either. Yes that’s so true, however I’m simply pissed off that black hats (What’s a black hat?) make profits from my work.

If you need more advice or have questions, feel free to comment below.

Onlyfans deleted my videos

All my videos featuring prolapses, big gapes and fisting have been deleted! There are only few videos and some pictures left.

I double-checked the terms of service on OnlyFans and could not find a word about normal fisting or gaping. They write that extreme fisting is forbidden (I didn’t have any extreme fisting at all), but I can’t find the words gape or prolapse ANYWHERE.

Due to Onlyfans apparently breaking their own rules, please STOP your subscription on onlyfans and don’t support that company any longer!

I assumed this will happen because it happened to other actresses as well two months ago. That’s why you weren’t able to buy a 3-, 6- or 12-month subscription since I heard this.

All my future content will get posted on AVN stars. I also upload all videos there within the next days. For supporting/tipping me, please also use AVN Stars.

Best wishes, love and hugs,

Update 2022:

Nowadays AVN Stars is down due to “banking discrimination”. Apparently they had many of their bank accounts closed.

You can find my clips on xvideos, pornhub, xhamster, fansly, jff and of course on manyvids 😉

Chaturbate sucks

Chaturbate did not approve my new amazing toys so I changed the platform. They’re apparently a discriminating company, because they approve the toys for a few other girls.

I don’t know what exactly their criteria is, but for the moment it seems like it’s their personal taste who’s allowed to take huge toys and who’s not.

My next streams will be on