Why I HATE Poppers

Hi so I should’ve made this post way earlier but I finally feel like I’m ready to talk about this.

Poppers ruined me. From all drugs I’ve ever tried, Poppers are by far the worst. They gave me headaches and fcked with my brain, so much that I was imagining teacher cocks in high school during class. I never had that before I tried poppers but that seriously made studying much much harder.

But that was only the beginning.. shortly later I had a loud tinnitus humming on my left ear. I was never sure if Poppers were the reason, until I found the website thedangersofpoppers.com. I realised that this is a common issue – a humming / buzzing tinnitus that never goes away. When I visited my ear doc even he meant „This is very deep, weird. We can’t even simulate such a deep buzz with our headphones“.

I also started to get eye floaters. If you don’t know what that is, here‘s a pic:

Eye/retinal damage is actually a rather common issue with poppers. Some people also get black or yellow spots in their vision. You’ll mostly see it when you look into something very bright, like the sky. And because all these Poppers Freaks defend this shitty chemical so much: yes I never did Isopropyl, only pentyl and butyl but still they damage the eyes also!

Next thing was muscle twitching, nothing too serious, but still worth talking about. Poppers are neurotoxic, so they do damage your central nervous system.

Oh and don’t forget the concentration and focusing issues, poppers really make you dumb for a few days!

The headaches were chronic even when I didn’t use poppers. They disappeared after about a year of abstinence, and I never got them with self made poppers (only with this online shop rubbish). However, the tinnitus and eye floaters accompany me even today – after more than five years of abstinence.

I tried everything to get rid of all these symptoms, high dosage omega 3, lots of CBD oil, magnesium, Vitamin C, D, B12, ginkgo (recommended by my ear doc), and whatever, but none of them really helped. CBD helps a bit with the tinnitus for a few days, omega 3 algae oil reduces muscle twitching and floaters for some time, but whenever I tried poppers again, all the symptoms come back and CBD only helps temporarily with the tinnitus. So when I stop taking the CBD, the buzzing is back…

There are even many more side effects that poppers can cause. kidney damage and failure for example. To be honest, I’m surprised that I’m still alive. Poppers feel like chemicals that can easily kill you. They definitely change something in your brain and you could even lose your job, drop from school or university when you use them regularly.

Also, NEVER buy them online or in shops. There’s no manufacturing date on them, so they’re not fresh anymore and decomposed already. They will cause way more (usually temporary) side effects like horrible headaches, a dry throat. coughing or nose burn. I’ve made some fresh and washed poppers myself and they had almost no side effects besides the tinnitus, muscle twitching and floaters.

Also you never know if there’s really pentyl in the bottle. They might write pentyl on the label, but it could as well be propyl. The floaters and black eye spots, I had them especially from online poppers, so that was likely propyl even though it stated pentyl.

I recommend everybody on this planet to please stop this horrible drug – also all my queer friends. I know there are people who will do it nontheless, so here’s a small safer use tip: Generally if the poppers smells like sweet fruits: it’s propyl – BAD! If it smells like old socks or simply chemical it’s pentyl or butyl – BETTER, but still toxic.

iso-propylNice sweet fruity smellBAD! Headaches and severe eye problems
iso-butylChemical smell, like a true drugBetter - still a true rush / feeling very high, red face etc
iso-pentyl = iso-amylOld socks / locker room smellSafest, slower and plateau high, not that much of a rush

Oh and by the way, never believe the brand crap. They put whatever logo they want on the bottle – it’s a gamble which batch you’ll get. There are mostly three different poppers: amyl, butyl and propyl. There’s also 1-Butyl and 1-Amyl, which both are a bit more comfortable on your well-being, because they won’t make a rush (but butt relaxation!), but they’re very rare. You can make them yourself, but nobody I know does that and also most people love the high, the rush, which you only get from the iso-nitrites.

If you wonder how I got so much stuff in my butt without using poppers – the answer is magnesium, vitamin D, CBD, breath control and lots of time / training! You don’t need any fucking chemical to take what I take in my ass!

Poppers gave me serious long term health issues. Tinnitus, floaters and occasional weird tremors. I managed to improve this using CBD and omega 3 oil, however I still have the health problems when I stop taking the oils. I visited many doctors, including neurologists and eye docs, had done an MRI of my head, and done a lot of blood tests, yet no doctor was able to help me. I’m very happy that I found online how omega 3 repairs nerve damage and that I randomly discovered that CBD helps with the tinnitus. This makes my life better, yet not perfect. Something in my head is still broken and I still have concentration problems.

SCREW POPPERS – throw them out! Spend your money on silicone dildos and healthy food <3